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Live AB @ Pittsburg for Pacific Association Teams

  • Winter Chevrolet Stadium Pittsburg CA (map)

Arrive at 12 and se yup the field. 1pm simulated game start time.

Guys are asking about a "tryout" on Monday.

Remember, I am not the guy running these events for 1 month of the year to make my money and disappear.

We call these workouts, and for most guys on the field with us its just that, another day on the field. Some of these guys have been out here in California with me for 1 month, some have been signed and released and waiting for another shot. 

If the point of you going to a workout is to get picked up that day, then they already know who you are coming in. Otherwise, invest in getting yourself on the map, and lets develop a plan where over the next 18 months we can make some positive moves in your career towards being a Professional Baseball Player.

Stick around and watch the game after, Pittsburg vs Napa @ 605pm. The best way to learn about the league is to watch games in it. Nothing worse than guys who say they can play at any level or at a certain level and they have never seen a game in the league.