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AM workout @ Contra Costa for remaining players.

2 Teams Square off in front of Dennis Pelfrey/ SImon Walters/ Greg Tagert/

We are looking to 1 game per day and add a 3rd team to play on Sunday against both teams. Looking to also add locations as I am waiting for a couple of turf fields. We have indoor facilities as a backup plan for weather. As i mentioned to everyone I talked to, try to leave Sunday open in your travel plans so if we need Sunday we can use it. Its a 2 day workout but Im offering 3 to make the most of the weekend.

Team 1

C-Kleinstien 1B (open) 2B Blatnik SS Frakker 3B Singzon OF Lopez OF Washington OF Hunt

Team 2

C- (Open) 1B Williams 2B Nakagawa SS (open) 3B Williams OF McHugh OF Ford OF (Open)


Weston/Lopez/Nakagawa/Lara/Lewis/Gerken/Sharaba/Moberly/McDonald/ (some of you need to confirm with me)