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vs Sonoma (1st Pacific Association Spring Training Game) 11am be there 9am

(Sonoma is the same lot as the Sonoma Police Station. would be a good day to ride clean to the game)

11am game @  Peterson Field Sonoma, be there 9am(830 if you have issues) to handle uniform numbers and square up with Drew. I expect you guys to cover helmets, uniforms, pitching charts, score book and help Drew Coach the bases as he needs to speak to Yoshi about who you guys are as the game goes on. Please swing in count, throw strikes, no extra outs on the bases.

**Everyone must stick with their uniform number from tomorrow on, we have 25 guys or less so it should work without switching, do not switch numbers, these are what i am emailing the teams***

930 warmup on field, there is no BP. Each pitcher will throw 1 inning at least.

Players to be in Pittsburg at Los Medanos College Baseball field at 9am are: Fortuno, lara, Calby, Perez, Boyle, Gyrion, Garcia for a 12pm game vs san Rafael

We will be at Perks Sports Academy tomorrow from 4-9 (anytime in there) to workout and lift and hit. Please help the kids with practice and training if you are in there. Make sure you get rest before Vallejo Thursday and then Back-to-back double headers on Friday and Saturday

(note for Thursday has been changed to a 12pm game at Vallejo, be there 10am, will update for tomorrow)