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Black Sox workout with MLB Scouts/Indy Teams in NJ and CT

Black Sox do their 2nd and final Northeast Workout before they leave for Florida for Scouts from the Boston Red Sox and Managers and Coaches from the Can-Am League/American Association/Pacific Association.

Assisting with the workout will be Chicago White SOx Coach Anthony Santiago and Former MLB player Angel Salomon helping with catcher and hitters.

Pitchers for Dec 9 @ 12pm @ Factory in Norwalk CT: Fowler/Fishberg/McKenna/Doiran

Hitters for Dec 9 @ 130pm @ Factory Norwalk CT: Guglietti/Rizzitello/Stark/Torres/Martini

Pitchers for Dec 9 @ 9am @ Factory Norwalk CT: Harper/Gausden/Carrel

HItters for Dec 9 @ 1030am@ Factory Norwalk CT: Stark/Prevosti/Palmeri/