to Aug 31

Black Sox workout players from leagues that are finishing...

This is when players arrive to workout for teams to get a jump on 2018, and to possibly get signed somewhere to end the 2017 season. These players often are available when there is a need in a top 4 league in the country especially for teams out of the race and out of moves. Our players can move on demand and are trained to carpool and take advantage of living situations we have set up across the country.

Players are taking BP, facing live pitching and hitting vs Professional Players from around the USA. They are being given advice and some considered for the league at the deadline and even after, as teams are allotted moves for promotions and injury.

Joey Randazzo signed with the Pittsburg Diamonds promoted from the Kentucky derby

Alex Fishberg signed with the Vallejo Admirals after Frontier League release

Eli Garcia signed with the Vallejo Admirals after Frontier League release

Cameron Monger signed with the San Rafael Pacifics after American Association and Can-Am release.

This is a top 5 league in the country and a place to continue playing for Veteran players looking to get picked up. There is no age limit and experience wins in a 4 team league.


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9:00am 9:00am

10am DH vs Reno Astros @ Winter Chevrolet Stadium (be there 9am)

There will be no break in-between games so come with a snack. Outside players must have fees paid before the game on Venmo or Paypal to participate. Prices vary depending on Professional Status.

Reno is a challenging travel team from Nevada who travel around the country and play at a very high level.

Players will be looked at from the Pecos League, free agents and for inactive players in the Northern California area.

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to Aug 10

Black Sox/Pacific Association Tryouts, week after Pecos Season

Pecos League players can tryout for the Black Sox and get a jump on their 2018 season and even have a chance to get picked up and promoted for the 2017 season depending on how they show and what their plans are.

Black Sox players (those who have been to Florida/SpringTraining/ProBall) will workout for FREE

All other players who want to participate in the week-long tryout can pay $100. This will include batting practice, bullpens, live hitting vs pro hitters in front of all Pacific Association Teams.

Short simulated games will also be played against players on the Inactive List for for each team and if players want to stick around there is more traveling and games to be played to finish out the season out here.

Those who are seriously committed should contact me for information on housing and transportation in the area.

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vs Pittsburg Diamonds @ Los Medanos College Baseball Field (Leland Avenue)

Be there 1230pm for 2pm game. No BP, hit in the cage it will be open early.

Pitchers: Moberly/LaPerna/Perez/White/Boyle/Chapman/Spriggins/Coleman-Goodman/Cazarez/Guittierrez/Eshelman/Orozco/Ilozando/Jones/Leyva

Pos Players: Okazaki/Gyrion/Kovalsky/Randazzo/Muller/Kochiss/Singzon/Sherman/Kennedy/Dumas/Hendrickson/Villanueva/Black/

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Sunday is now and OFF day

Sunday is an off day. If you want to watch Pittsburg @ Vallejo that game is at 12pm.  You may see some of our team in this game.

Sonoma is also playing vs San Rafael. Bierdzyksy and Sharabi are throwing.

Get rest before 3 games in 3 days with BP most likely before each one.


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9:30am 9:30am

Black Sox vs San Rafael Pacifics 11am (Pacific Association) @ Napa Community College

Game 2 vs Pacifics, morning game after a night game leave wherever you are at 8am

Game is at Napa Community College and there is a huge event called Bottle Rock going on so if you dont leave by 8am you will not make the game on Saturday.

Drew will be your contact for this game.

Pitchers: Fortuno/Boyle/Hiro/Eshelman/Orozco/Spriggins/LaPerna/Chapman/

Position Players: Sheridan/Randazzo/Black/Sherman/Villanueva/Hendrickson/Spriggins/Kochiss/Kovalsky/Okazaki/Gyrion/Kennedy/Dumas/


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vs Pittsburg (12pm) and San Rafael (705pm) (DH 2 diff fields)

Black Sox 12 pm game @ Pittsburg @ Contra Consta College Baseball field be there 10am

2600 Mission Blll Road, San Pablo-Hit in the cages before the game

Pitchers: Spriggins/Perez/Hiro/Jones/Chapman/Cazaras/LaPerna/Coleman/Ilozando/

Position Players: Randazzo/Villanueva/Black/Sherman/Hendrickson/Spriggins/Singzon/Kennedy/Kochiss/Dumas/Okazaki/Orozco/Sheridan/Rosario/Kovalsky

Black Sox 705pm game @ San Rafael @ Arnold Field be there 5pm

Pitchers: Moberly/Orozco/Eshelman/Remington/Jones/Guitierrez/

@Position Players: Sheridan/Okazaki/Black/Sherman/Villanueva/Hendrickson/Kennedy/Kovalsky/Dumas/Spriggins/Orozco/Kochiss/Torre/Rosario

Saturday morning is an 11am game at San Rafael, be there 930am. There will be no BP

We are off on Sunday, get some rest, PIttsburg 3 times next week.



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Black Sox @ Vallejo (game 1 vs Vallejo, game 2 of series)


10am workout @ Sonoma Peterson Field be there 9am :  Sharabi, Bierdyzelewski, Randazzo, Muller

12pm game@ Pitt @ Los Medanos College Baseball Field be there 9am: Calby, Lara, Boyle, Gyrion

12pm game (7inns) @ Vallejo @ Dan Foley Park in Vallejo, be there 10am, BP 11am-1130.

Pitchers: LaPerna, Eshelman, Orozco, Spriggins, Chapman

Pos Players: Spriggins/Okazaki/Black/Sherman/Singzon/Hendrickson/Dumas/Kovalsky/Kochiss/Sheridan/Villanueva


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9:00am 9:00am

vs Sonoma (1st Pacific Association Spring Training Game) 11am be there 9am

(Sonoma is the same lot as the Sonoma Police Station. would be a good day to ride clean to the game)

11am game @  Peterson Field Sonoma, be there 9am(830 if you have issues) to handle uniform numbers and square up with Drew. I expect you guys to cover helmets, uniforms, pitching charts, score book and help Drew Coach the bases as he needs to speak to Yoshi about who you guys are as the game goes on. Please swing in count, throw strikes, no extra outs on the bases.

**Everyone must stick with their uniform number from tomorrow on, we have 25 guys or less so it should work without switching, do not switch numbers, these are what i am emailing the teams***

930 warmup on field, there is no BP. Each pitcher will throw 1 inning at least.

Players to be in Pittsburg at Los Medanos College Baseball field at 9am are: Fortuno, lara, Calby, Perez, Boyle, Gyrion, Garcia for a 12pm game vs san Rafael

We will be at Perks Sports Academy tomorrow from 4-9 (anytime in there) to workout and lift and hit. Please help the kids with practice and training if you are in there. Make sure you get rest before Vallejo Thursday and then Back-to-back double headers on Friday and Saturday

(note for Thursday has been changed to a 12pm game at Vallejo, be there 10am, will update for tomorrow)


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4:00pm 4:00pm

Tuesday Schedule (Pittsburg ST-Perks Workout-Housing)

Sheridan and Okazaki need to be

Fortuno, Eshelman, Calby, Perez, Lara andcan workout in the morning with Pittsburg at Los Medanos College Baseball Field. Be there 9-915, be ready for BP 945-10am
, scrimmage at 12. Guitierrez will throw 1 inning in the scrimmage. Kovalsky will catch when he gets in from tjhe airport.

All other players should meet at Perks Sports Academy in Antioch between 4-9pm to figure out housing logistics for the guys who are coming in today.

Players that arrive Tuesday :

Kennedy (can fit 2 possibly in his place but you need to talk to him) arrives in the afternoon and will have a car.

Joseph Jones (gets in 9-10pm) Kovalsky (comes to the field in Pitt) Kochiss (220pm lands in SF) All 3 need a place to stay. Spriggins gets in 1255pm) Gyrion gets in around 11pm


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4:00pm 4:00pm

Practice/Workout at Perks Sports Facility in Antioch CA

Hitting, throwing and lifting at Perks Sports Facility in Antioch CA

Facility is usually busiest from 5-7pm.

There is practice with the 12U team tomorrow for Coach Bill if you guys want to help out and start getting a foot in the door.

Save your bullets as we are already thinning in pitching, having signed 2 more players today and other players already being recommended for starts. We will have a rotation down by tomorrow.

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to May 14

American Association Game vs Fargo Moorhead Redhawks 2pm (Final Big 4 Game)

Game is at 2, be at the ballpark at 11am- take care of Clubby Dues and Uniforms by 11am

Fargo is a great organization and the team takes care of our hotels every year and feed us well.

We have played them close in the last 2 years and look to get over the hump this year. Last years game was on the radio and drew a great crowd and the year before was on TV in the local area.


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to May 15

Pecos League Tryouts

  • Hollywood Stars-Los Angeles, California May 11, 2017- 9 AM PST
  • Pecos League Central Tryout-Houston, Texas May 13, 2017 1PM CST
  • Tucson Saguaros Tryout-Tucson, Arizona May 15, 2017 9AM PST

My guys who need jobs at this point in the trip should attend these tryouts. This is a good chance and if you tell me you are going in advance we can try to work it out.

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Black Sox vs Cleburne/Grand Prarie

Game 1 vs Cleburne 11am

show n go, be there 830 if you have to take care of dues or other fees. Clubby is $10 for 3 days for meals after games and showers.

Uniforms numbers must be sorted out by 9am/ Starters On field 10am

Game 2 vs Grand Prairie 7pm

BP TBA, No Clubby however we can use the clubhouse. There is a bar in left field for after the games.


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Game 2 vs Washington Wild Things

Game 1 is usually early and we played 2016 in Front of thousands of fans as all the schools come in to watch the game.

Last year we drove directly to Fargo after this game. Be ready for a hike. This year it could be Texas or middle of the country before Fargo.

Local Players should plan to attend the Washington Wild Things games. We will be trying players out in the pre-gameson game 2 the Saturday game and seeing who we are going to take with us the rest of the way.

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1:00pm 1:00pm

Games vs Southern Illinois and Washington in same day!

Coach Rosario will take 1 crew to Washington and I will stay in Southern Illinois and meet the next day.

The Miners game will be at night and the Wild Things game will be during the day.

We will leave after the Miners game and drive to Washington to catch the double header the next day. Some players will stay back and wait for the American Association series to start.

The drive is 9 hours, so this is where we need to plan to split if you are going to Pecos Spring Training or to another league or will wait for the American Association and Can-Am Series to start.

The players from the SI Miners game will head to Texas. The Washington crew will head to Rockland.

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to May 3

2 Games vs Normal Cornbelters

We will try to play early in Kentucky so we can get to Normal at a decent hour, and hopefully play game 1 later, and game 2 earlier again (same format as previous cities) so that we can maximize our rest.

We did not stay in Normal last year, so I will figure out the team hotel deals and start looking on airbnb for places.

We will leave Normal after game 2 on Weds and drive 4 hours to play vs Southern Illinois so that we can get some rest before a an off day-which will serve as a practice day.


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to Apr 29

2 Games vs Windy City Thunderbolts

11am meeting in the clubhouse. Be there 1030 to take care of Clubby dues and uniform duties.

Pitchers on field at 12. BP at 1230pm-115pm

Game at 2

Looks like we have to start the tour without Acevedo and Mejia. Fishberg may close his last game for the Sox in this series.

I plan on arriving in Windy City (Tinsley) and staying from Thurs/Saturday, and leaving after the game on Saturday to head to Florence for the Freedom series.

Last year we split with Windy City, and David Wynn and Bobby Orozco led us in a 2-0 shutout.

BP is at 1230pm, players need to be at the ballpark at 11am to take care of payments, logistics and uniforms. clubby fee must be paid at the time.

We are having a 1130 meeting in the visitor locker room.

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to Apr 27

Frontier Draft @ Gateway Grizzlies, Sauget, Il

We will attend the Frontier Draft and then head to Windy City to begin our Spring training tour of the Frontier League.

We will meet at 8am at the registration and in the parking lot to handle jerseys. I need to know who is in ASAP so I can have you on my roster that I hand over to the Coaches.

We found some decent places to stay last year near the stadium in Tinsley for the games in Chicago. Let me know if you want me to book something for you and I can get you a mansion-type setting with in house movie theater, laundry and multiple bathrooms if its still available.

For housing in Gateway we are getting a block let me know if you are in.

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