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MLB Invite Only Workout (NY)--workouts for pitchers and catchers only

  • Westchester Avenue White Plains, NY United States (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

The way to get to these invite only MLB workouts:

I have to submit your name based on your history and current performances.
You should attend the workouts in December/November in CT and Florida to be seen and selected for these workouts.




2018 Featured Brian McKenna, Alex Fishberg and Jerry Chavarria at the event, all 3 played in a top 4 league for part of 2018 and all 3 finished the season.

This will be my 3rd year attending and helping players both signed and free agents at the event.

Take advantage and get in front of us before to get selected.

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7:00 PM19:00

Saturday Practice for Sunday DH

1-3pm @ Englewood, no metal spikes

Official Fall Roster (15):

Trischitta/ Cornelius/Van Halen/


Mordecai/Hyland/Mckenna/Bierdzyski/Van Halen/

Secondary Players:



Torres/Carrell/Giunta/Garcia, B//Diab

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Pre-Fall Workouts

Fall Ball is slowly picking up, we may be down to 2 teams. Will play in 2 leagues and against each other, have 1 workout per week in NJ and looking to go to Florida for a week in Nov and go to the Midwest to play the Hammond Lakers mid Sept. Let me know if you can travel for either.

Be in NY on the 8th @ Wappinger Falls @ 1030am. Starts @ Noon

Players on the Sox and who are fully paid for the Fall season can attend this workout. Players with a Fall Membership need to put a deposit down and begin paying for 2019.

We will look to scrimmage Sunday or workout indoors and get on our regular schedule starting Monday.

Tuesday will be in CT @ Thumbs in Fairfield CT and the Factory in Norwalk CT

Starting Sundays the following week we will add the NJ ABA Schedule.


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7:00 PM19:00

Black Sox Workout @ Arena in Paramus with White Sox Coach

Workout with White Sox Coach Anthony Santiago and AJ Torre.

Pens from the Norwalk Workout with Be evaluated and we will be getting players ready for Florida and other off-season workouts.

Players must pay in advance to book their throwing and workout time. Younger players can contact me and come at 6 to get work in early with Coach AJ


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10:30 AM10:30

Workouts for REDS Scout in Midland Park NJ

Bullpens and Hitting with Reds Scout Bob Frassa at the Batting Circuit 1030am for $50 paid in advance via venmo or paypal.

Fras has helped us with hitters (he does pro hitting nights on Tuesday) and pitchers the last several years and has been very instrumental in their development

Players are staying overnight in NJ and leaving after the Fras workout to head to CT for Therapy and training in the CT area.

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7:00 PM19:00

Black Sox Workout with Anthony Santiago in Preperation for Weekend Showcase

@ Arena , 859 Route 17 South in Paramus. Players must pay fee beforehand to reserve bullpen/BP spot.

Coaches will be in to see players during this session and throughout the weekend as our last session in NJ in front of scouts before we leave for Florida for our Spring Training Tour.

Anthony Santiago is one of our player developers in the Northeast and is a Coach with the Chicago White Sox. He works with players one on one with players during their BP sessions and Bullpens to simplify things and make adjustments.

Thursday Bullpen Schedule:

Brian McKenna, Alex Fishberg, Jack Fowler, Nate Doiran


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10:00 AM10:00

Black Sox (10-1) ABA PLayoff Round 1 @ Christopher Columbus Park Passaic vs Tigers

Black Sox will defend their title in the ABA post-season. The 3X returning fall champs and 4x overall (summer 2016) champs will defend their ABA crown

The game is at the field that we played the DH at, our only loss of the seaosn, in Passaic, on the turf.

No Metal Spikes, be there 9am, game is now at 10.



Obrien, Reyes, Kennedy, Kleinstien, Trischitta, Torres, Torre, Miletta, Hyland, Gausden, Carrell, Lutick, Safiotti, Prevosti, Demko

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6:00 PM18:00

Development Practice with Coach AJ Torre and White Sox Coach Anthony Santiago

Anthony Santiago , White Sox Latin Player Coordinator has players throw bullpens and hit with him to prepare them for upcoming showcases.

Younger players, pitchers and non-roster Black Sox players should go from 6-730 and veteran players and hitters should go from 730-9

AJ will be working with hitters, and getting players ready for their upcoming playoff weekends in the ABA

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8:00 PM20:00

Black Sox vs Black Sox Scout game @ Raritan Valley CC for Indy Teams @ 118 Lamington Road Branchburg NJ

Black Sox vs Black Sox for Frontier League Teams. Play vs our current scout team to get a look at where you could be. Take the guys job. Come and compete on Sunday at 9am @ Raritan Valley CC and earn Spring Training Invites.

9am will be  Sox vs Sox scout game
12pm will be a Sox scout team game vs raritan valley CC


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Workout @ Factory in Norwalk with Boston Red Sox

Pitchers throw bullpens and players hit BP for Boston Red Sox scout at Indoor facility in Norwalk CT at the Factory. Park across the street and the facility is on the 2nd floor next to the CVS


Chicago White Sox Coach Anthony Santiago and former Brewers catcher Angel Salome will be working with players and the Black Sox Team DR, Thumbs will be doing a special session with players from 10-12pm for a discounted rate because of the workout.

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8:00 AM08:00

Evaluations @ FREAK STrength and Physical Synergy.

FREE Eval with FREAK STrength // Visit to Fairfield CT to meet team DR, Mike Troknya at Physical Synergy. These trainers and Doctors are in charge of our top players training regimens, rehab TJ surgery and help pitchers reach their top velocity and performance level.

Let me know if you plan on scheduling a workout with either of these facilities and I will set it up.


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