to Feb 15

Northeast Workouts with Anthony Santiago (Chicago White Sox) and AJ Torre

Facility is next to Stop N Shop on route 17 South

Contact for workouts is AJ Torre 201-665-3148, Black Sox NJ Coach

Weekly workouts indoors with Chicago White Sox Coach Anthony Santiago and Black Sox Coach and East Coast Player Developer AJ Torre

5 weeks of workouts, capped at 20 players per week confirmed with membership/deposit or pre payment.

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7:00 PM19:00

@ NJSA 50 Spring Street Ramsey NJ for Can-AM League/Frontier League/American Association/Pacific Association Teams

Workout for Florence Freedom Manager Dennis Pelfrey/ Vallejo Admirals Manager PJ Phillips

Assistant Coach for Sussex County Miners Simon Walters

Indoor workout, back to back days for pitchers from Charity Pitching Event in NY (players are free)

Membership players included, new player deposits or $100 for the 1 day required.

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7:30 AM07:30

MLB Invite Only Workout (NY)--workouts for pitchers and catchers only

  • Westchester Avenue White Plains, NY United States (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

The way to get to these invite only MLB workouts:

I have to submit your name based on your history and current performances.
You should attend the workouts in December/November in CT and Florida to be seen and selected for these workouts.




2018 Featured Brian McKenna, Alex Fishberg and Jerry Chavarria at the event, all 3 played in a top 4 league for part of 2018 and all 3 finished the season.

This will be my 3rd year attending and helping players both signed and free agents at the event.

Take advantage and get in front of us before to get selected.

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to Dec 16

Invite Workout for Sussex Miners/ Florence Freedom/Boston Red Sox (Factory CT)

Simon Walters and Brian White comes into town for a couple of days to see players and David Scrivines will be in attendance on Saturday looking at pitchers to possibly invite to his Jan 14th Memorial Showcase and the March 20 Red Sox workout in Fort Myers FL.

Pitchers and Catchers will workout 9am-11am

Position Players will workout at 11am (show up at 1030)

Players for workout (this is the order that the pitchers will throw in)

Catchers: Chavarria/ Fitzpatrick/Garland/ Randazzo/ Kellerman/ Zorilla/ Bene/ Molinari/ Zorilla/

Pitchers: Ackerman/ Max Bierdzysky/ Fishberg/ Burns/ Valentino / Erwin/Velasquez/ Panarese/ Doiran/

11am-1pm Position players (catchers stay and hit)

Desai/ Mercado/Lantigua/ Howard/ Triplett/

Muller/Kennedy/Governale/Karlos/Leite/Misetti/ Bavley/ Manning/

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7:00 PM19:00

Saturday Practice for Sunday DH

1-3pm @ Englewood, no metal spikes

Official Fall Roster (15):

Trischitta/ Cornelius/Van Halen/


Mordecai/Hyland/Mckenna/Bierdzyski/Van Halen/

Secondary Players:



Torres/Carrell/Giunta/Garcia, B//Diab

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11:00 AM11:00

Pre-Fall Workouts

Fall Ball is slowly picking up, we may be down to 2 teams. Will play in 2 leagues and against each other, have 1 workout per week in NJ and looking to go to Florida for a week in Nov and go to the Midwest to play the Hammond Lakers mid Sept. Let me know if you can travel for either.

Be in NY on the 8th @ Wappinger Falls @ 1030am. Starts @ Noon

Players on the Sox and who are fully paid for the Fall season can attend this workout. Players with a Fall Membership need to put a deposit down and begin paying for 2019.

We will look to scrimmage Sunday or workout indoors and get on our regular schedule starting Monday.

Tuesday will be in CT @ Thumbs in Fairfield CT and the Factory in Norwalk CT

Starting Sundays the following week we will add the NJ ABA Schedule.


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