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vs Quebec Voyaguers @ Chain OF Lakes Winter Haven (Field #1)

This is for the Quebec Coaching Staff-for free agents-Be there 830m--Jersey Numbers must match the names for the roster//Players need to be in full inform for these games. Black belt/black sox/ black sox or FL hats and wearing the jerseys assigned to you.

Pre Game Bullpen- Zachary Honold -- Jerry Chavarria

(Stick with the posted pitchers order for today, we are trying to play more than 9 innings)

Pitchers: Harper/Ackerman/Dandridge/Lyman/Pellman/Spangler/Max B/Gausden/Carrel/Bernardi/

Pos: Frakker/Blatnik/Dickt/Crouse/Chavarria/Endres/Burling/Lovejoy/Garcia P/Roundtree/ Williams T/Williams J/Newsom, P

If you guys need bats you can ask PJ or Corey , they have some new and used bats on the road with them.