Who are the Black Sox?

We are a Road Warrior Barnstorming Team that travels the country from Jan-June to play vs Pro Teams and Scout teams in front of top MLB Scouts and Indy Managers. We use the 100+ game season that the Black Sox provides every year to keep players relevant, on the field and in shape. 

We are the grinders, the warriors, the savages. We will be here in 5 years and were here 5 years ago. Will you?

Players are trained physically and mentally and signed to play Professional Baseball in the various leagues around the country. For a list of players signed please check the blacksoxprobaseball.com web site.

What kind of player are we looking for?

We are looking for players who understanding the investment they are making in their career. Because players spend money, they often feel like they need immediate results and action. Players need to remember that THIS IS NOT A WINTER LEAGUE and that being with the team, around the guys, learning the process and obtaining information is the most important thing for their career. 

If the players had been doing this since the end of their college careers or whenever they wanted to start taking Professional Baseball seriously, they wouldn’t be in the situation they are in. I am trying to catch players up to speed on the process, while at the same time teaching them a patience that can last a career.

Career in Professional Baseball:

Definition: An occupation undertaker for a significant period of a persons life and with opportunities for progress.

To me?::    Playing several years of Professional Baseball in a top 5 league in the country. (Atlantic/Can-Am/American/Pacific/Frontier)

Why go to Black Sox Tryouts and off-season workouts::

Off-season workouts with MLB and Indy Teams, from California to Texas to Florida and NJ/CT, we run a tryout circuit that allows you to get in front of the top Pro Independent League teams and leagues in the country.

How it works:

Black Sox players with a Membership must confirm that they are attending, and a spot will be reserved. If a player confirms that they will attend a workout and they don’t show up, their status for the Tryout Circuit could be limited.

How much does it cost?

$150 for 2 day tryout (so pitchers can throw back-to-back days)

$250 as a deposit for a future membership with the Black Sox. 

Players are evaluated and after I do my research on the situation I see what the best route and offer will be. Memberships range from $100 (experienced players) to $2000 (rookie players).

So it starts with a tryout or a deposit. From there we will have several phone calls and do research on the player. 

Players who want to just have the phone call and get the information can get up to an hour of information and guidance for $100 for rookie players.

For experienced players, $100 covers the season. 

Thats why I’ve only met Ryan Lashley in 2016 but signed him in 2017 and 2018. 

What could the membership include?

Saving you time and money is the first thing that it includes. And the interpersonal communication between me and the teams based on the relationships we have built throughout the 16 years of Black Sox Baseball.

Baseball-wise, a membership could include the Florida trip would could last 3 months, the Tryout Circuit that stretches across the country, and nWo league in the Fall and summer baseball in NJ/NY (46 games played in 2018).

Membership players get the better deals on housing, the host families if there are any, access to the clubhouse and locker rooms and facilities over rookie players and non-members. I take care of the membership guys as best we can because they are in it for the long haul. When hotels are available for free on the road, only the members, only the nWo crew is allowed to stay there for free. This is about earning your spot and making your way up.

How is membership fee determined?

Prices are based on a players age, Professional Experience, status with the Black Sox, and the number of events that will be attended by the player.

The longer you play, the cheaper it is. For example in 2017 the Pecos League player membership fee was $1000. Those players will pay $500 for the 2018 year. And if they keep playing pro ball, $250 for the next year. 

Black Sox Membership Packages:

Membership Packages decrease in price as the player obtains status with the Black Sox and in professional baseball. 

Pecos/ Empire Players (1st year)

$1500 gets you Florida and nWo League or Florida and showcase tour.

$500 for just the nWo league per season (read nWo League requirements)

$2000 for the full first year

Pecos/ Empire Experienced Player

$1250 Full year (Prices vary and are dependent on players Pro Experience and service time with the Sox)

Florida Pre-Season Trip (Jan-April)

3 months of training and games in South Florida for exposure and to prepare for the 2019 season.

Road Warrior Pro Tour (April-June)

Players must be selected to play in games vs 6 top Indy leagues in the country. 30-40 day road schedule, players can select certain legs of the tour.

 Frontier-midwest tour of 10-12 games

Texas series 6 games in 3 days

East Coast Series (Can-am/Atlantic League games)

Pacific Association Week- over a week of games and showcases, stretched into the regular season.

Tryout Circuit ($150 per tryout for non-members, $500 for the year gets you 5+ tryouts and logistical assistance)

Series of tryouts across the country to provide exposure from different teams/leagues

2 in California 

2 in NJ/CT 

1 in TX

2 in Florida

nWo League

$1000 per player (non-members) for over 2 month of games and exposure.

Games and teams are evaluated by the Black Sox Staff and professional Coaches are flown in to watch games throughout the season.

The more players that sign up, the more Coaches I will fly in. Wu-tang is for the children, and I give back to you what you give to us.


Northeast NJ-NY-CT league-Sept-Oct-Nov


Southeast Florida League Feb-March-April