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David Szmiga and Dr. Toole helped me with a PRP Shot and Physical Therapy in the South Florida area, inquire about our massage therapist available as well.

https://www.davidszmiga.com <<<————— Dave’s page for therapy in Delray Beach Florida.

Chicago Therapist:

California Therapist:

Mike and Mike Off-Season Program in Fairfield CT/ Oakland NJ (inquire about housing)

The reason our program gets cheaper as you go on and that we do a local membership program at a discounted rate for players who sign up with these programs is that we know they work, and everyone “has a guy back home”.

But thats not what we are talking about. The Mike and Mike training method has worked for years, with Professional Baseball players in the MLB, Pro Football Players in the NFL and many other pro Athletes vouching for their services.

Check our FREAK Strength in Oakland NJ and get your FREE Eval by contacting Mike G

Check our Physical Synergy and Yoga Synergy in Fairfield CT with Dr. Mike Troknya our Black Sox team doctor for over 10 years.

After Care information from Dr. Mike and Physical Synergy in Fairfield CT

Cole Bumbales and I will be setting up shop from Oakland NJ to Fairfield CT this off-season in an effort to better prepare our players for the 2020 season. Running concurrently with Fall-Baseball, we rehab and strengthen players thru the best programs we know, starting with DR. Mike At Physical Synergy in Fairfield CT

Mike came down for 1 day and worked on 21 players during the 2018 Florida trip. He currently works with dozens of players year round and heavily thru the entire off-season with our baseball guys. His dedication to seeing you get back on the field faster, and eventually stronger is second to none.

Possible side- effect that may be felt after your first visit;
 Muscle and/ or joint soreness
 Redness and possible bruising

What to do to prevent these;
 Increase your water intake- drink an extra 16 oz. of water on treatment days
 Ice areas of soreness;
o Ice Pack- 20 minutes on 20 minutes off as needed
o Ice massage- 1-2 ice cubes massage over the area in a circular motion as needed

Other Advice;
 Follow all stretching and strengthening protocols as prescribes by the doctors
 Schedule your next appointment 2-3 days after treatment to allow for proper healing unless told
by the doctors to alter this plan
 Eat healthy and natural foods to give your body the best chance to heal, avoid processed foods

Call the office with any questions or changes in symptoms


FREAK Strength Mike Guadango

This Mike definitely works in different ways than Dr. Mike. His experience with training Pro Athletes

https://www.njsportshouse.com/freak-strength.html. <<——checkout “Guad” at NJ Sports House in Oakland NJ this off-season